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The SkipVac™

Powerful but compact, with its own skip

The SkipVac™ might be the smallest of our industrial vacuum units, but it punches well above its weight. Our powerful yet compact self-contained unit provides 12.5kw of vacuum that can pick up fine dust and waste up to 40mm in size.

Its small footprint and quiet operating levels mean it’s favoured by a wide range of industries that also appreciate its flexibility, ease of use and robustness.

The combined power pack and filter assembly is mounted on top of a self-tipping skip, so the unit can easily be lifted and transported to wherever collected debris needs to be disposed, or cleaning needs to be carried out. The unit is fully enclosed so dust is safely contained and it comes with flexible hoses and specially designed attachments that enables complete access to awkward, hard to reach areas.

Client Testimonials


“The SkipVac™ is a really good and highly effective industrial cleaning solution. Starting with one, we have just introduced a second at the cement mills area and they’re saving our operatives a lot of time.”


Tata Steel

“The SkipVac™ was exactly the sort of cleaning solution we’d been looking for. It’s an excellent machine that’s got capacity, reliability and is easy to empty. It’s also easy to move around with a forklift. It handled 2-3 tonnes of flux slag quite happily and didn’t need emptying every five minutes. But what we really liked was its suction power.”



“The SkipVac’s power combined with its long hose and extensions were ideal for removing waste from the hard-to-access areas under the conveyors. We found the SkipVac™ and its fully enclosed, removable hopper a very useful tool.”


Johnson Tiles

“The SkipVac™ has been excellent, and it’s saved us significant money. Its suction power is terrific, more than enough for several suction hoses of up to 60’ to be used by several operatives at the same time via a series of Y-joints. The hoses can be used at all levels of the plant to reach all sorts of places.”


J Stobart & Sons Ltd

“The SkipVac™ is an ideal solution for our business. Being a member of UFAS/FEMAS, we have to operate under a strict regime of regulations, and the SkipVac™ means we’re easily meeting the housekeeping standards and inspections. It also means we can recycle all the spillages of grain or whatever quickly before it deteriorates, and put it back into the process.”


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