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An industrial cleaning machine offering flexible power that’s portable and user friendly

The CompVac’s appeal lies in its high suction capabilities, with 16.5kw of vacuum power at its disposal that can pick up anything from fine dusts to debris up to 50mm in diameter.

Its compact form means it’s easy to manoeuvre by forklift to wherever it’s needed and its integral hopper and fully enclosed suction system allows even hazardous dusts to be collected safely with ease.

The discharge outlet provides huge flexibility as collected material can be directed into skips, bins, bags or onto conveyors, offering a closed loop recycling solution for returning spillage back in to process. Hoses and a specially designed tool set make up the kit so awkward catchment areas can be reached.

This flexible option, backed up with huge suction power, makes the CompVac™ highly versatile around complex and large scale equipment and plant. ATEX models also available.

CompVac is a versatile industrial vacuum unit mounted on a rigid stand equipped with retractable legs. Designed for mobile use and for such cases when collection of material into open skip or container is required.

WHY use CompVac?

The retractable legs make it easy to adjust the discharge outlet height over ground, to the type of open skip or container required.

The CompVac is the perfect choice when large amounts of material needs to be vacuumed. The high suction capacity together with its flexible discharge system makes the unit very useful in most vacuum cleaning situations.

Due to its flexibility the CompVac also gets into difficult areas where cleaning needs to be carried out without the use of fixed pipe network.

The CompVac can be used as a free standing suction unit with the connection of 2”, 3” and 4” hoses. However the unit is also suitable for fixed installations, connected to a fixed installed pipe system with multiple suction outlets.

CompVac Operation

The vacuumed material is first separated in a special designed fall chamber hopper with inlet wear protection. In this section all heavier or larger material will by gravity fall into the bottom of the hopper. From this section the air stream will continue to the main filter system, where the remaining fine airborne dust will be separated.

Cleaning of filters is automatically and executed by a filter cleaning valve (ATM) located between the filter and the vacuum pump. When this valve is activated and opens up, a counter flow of air is sucked in backwards trough the filter bags, thus cleaning all filter bags simultaneously in a very short period. There after the valve is closed again. Cleaning intervals can be set on a timer and last for approximately 20 seconds after which full vacuum is restored. This valve also ensures that when the unit is started it starts unloaded, and vacuum load is introduced app. 10 seconds after start. All functions for the operation of the CompVac are controlled from the built in electrical panel.

“The dust and debris issue had to be resolved, so we looked at various ways to do this. We’d been using brooms, brushes and barrows, and shovelling the waste and dust into bins, but it was completely unsatisfactory, making more airborne dust each time.”

We were shown how effective the DISAB CompVAC was, and ordered one. We also made sure the sales engineer who came along got a very clear understanding of where the dust and waste was gathering, and which all needed to be accessed and cleaned up.”

Mervyn Thomas

Operations Manager , Dundee Energy Recycling Ltd

CompVac Product Overview

    • 16.5kw of vacuum power
    • Clears fine dusts to debris up to 50mm in diameter
    • Material can be directed into skips, bins, bags or onto conveyors
    • Perfect for awkward catchment areas
    • ATEX models available
    • Automatically ATM filter cleaning system, no compressed air
    • Retractable legs
    • Filter system for dry and moist material

Typical Uses of CompVac

CompVac is used across a wide range of industrial settings including:

Concrete- and cement industry, chemical industry, steel- and aluminium works, paper- and pulp industry, sawmills, wood pellets, plastic industry, shot blasting- and surface treatment industry, bakeries, incineration- and power plants.

Client Testimonials

Aggregate Industries

“Waste material used to take a significant amount of time and labour to clean up and remove. Using the CompVac™ has cut that time down by at least 50%.”


Ardagh Glass

“The CompVac™ has proven to be very reliable and robust in a hot and challenging working environment, and makes life much easier. We use it almost every day and can shift 4-5 hoppers of material in a day, all of which is recycled back into storage or the production process.”


Knauf Insulation

“We’re very pleased with the CompVacs, we’re achieving a safer, cleaner plant, and doing so with equipment that’s much easier and safer to use. Compared to using brushes, the CompVacs are like magic!”


Dundee Energy Recycling

“The CompVac™ is particularly effective at removing the sand and ash from the boiler, even when it’s still quite hot and its fully-enclosed suction system minimizes the exposure to the dust and ash particles while cleaning the equipment out.”


Cape Plc

“The CompVac™ is more compact than other equipment we’ve used before and also more flexible. The portability was particularly advantageous, and the access to awkward places was invaluable. The operatives also found it very easy to use.”


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