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ATEX Vacuum

ATEX Vacuum System

DISAB manufactures ATEX vacuum systems for use in industrial settings that may contain, or have activities that produce, explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres. Examples include places where work activities create or release flammable gases or in workplaces handling fine organic dusts such as grains, flour, wood, resins, plastics, coal, light metals, textiles and paper.

ATEX approved vacuum systems

ATEX is the name frequently given to the two European Directives (Directive 99/92/EC & 94/9/EC) which provide the minimum requirements for improving the health, safety and protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres. We manufacture powerful and robust ATEX vacuum systems that are constructed to minimise the risk of ignition in these industrial settings. Utilising the latest design technology DISAB supply ATEX industrial vacuum systems that can prevent dust build-ups, which can cause life threatening and destructive explosions.

ATEX Vacuum Cleaners

Choosing a DISAB ATEX approved industrial vacuum provides peace of mind. We are specialists in the supply of ATEX industrial vacuum units and utilise the very latest technology to ensure that our machines not only conform to UK and EU law but will remove dust in potentially hazardous environments without a risk to life. Our ATEX vacuum cleaners include the following features:

  • Various blast panels fitted to ensure intrinsic safety, including fire arrester
  • An anti-static safety filter
  • Differential pressure guard
  • Rubber covered dust inlet
  • Safety locking device on discharge valves

CASE STUDY: Hope Construction Materials

The Hope Valley site is the largest in the country and has a multitude of wet and dry spillage and waste handling requirements. Following a blockage, which was causing major problems within the centralised pipework system of the site’s Waste-Derived Fuel plant, Hope Construction’s Project Engineer Steven Salt decided the best option to clear the obstruction was to hire a DISAB BagVac.

Flexible waste and dust removal

The BagVac offers a highly flexible waste and dust removal solution that’s forklift portable and provides fully enclosed and dust-free material collection, either in combination with a centralised pipework system or stand-alone using its own flexible suction hoses. Its high performance and rate of vacuum efficiency is achieved via the BagVac’sTM side channel exhauster, enabling long suction distances – 180 feet and more – and fast recovery rates. An integral hopper fitted with a 250mm chute for discharge into large capacity or euro-bags means efficient, fully enclosed material recovery and its filter assembly requires only minimal maintenance.

Client Testimonials

Gypsum Industries

“With DISAB UK’s advice and direction, a centralised vacuum system was installed throughout the crushing plant, including inlet valves for suction hoses at all five levels of the Sampling Tower. A CompVac™ provides the suction power. The flexible hose system enables 4”, 3” and 2” hoses to be coupled up to extension pipes and nozzles, and all the gypsum dust is now removed easily, quickly and safely, and all of it is recycled back into the process.” favicon2

Mole Valley Feed Solutions

“The new fixed vacuum system needs just one main pipe that extends 110 metres around the mill to 14 connection points. The actual suction is as good at the top of the mill as at the bottom, and at six storeys high, that’s very impressive.” favicon2

Forth Ports

“We use the centralised vacuum system almost every day. Because the SkipVac™ is powering the pipework system as well, anyone of our operatives can deal with both dust build up and spillages, wherever they occur. This means our efforts to maintain our high housekeeping standards in line with TASCC are now less onerous.” favicon2

Cory Environmental

“The installation of the centralised vacuum system has made all the difference. We can go to any part of the plant wherever spillages are heaviest, or wherever dust needs to be removed. All we have to do is plug in the suction hose to an inlet valve and it’s a simple job to remove whatever dust or waste needs to be dealt with. The levels of housekeeping and tidiness are much higher, and all the waste goes to residual bins via the centralised pipework system, and is usually able to be recycled back into the process.” favicon2

BSW Timber

“The centralised vacuum system is much more powerful, sucks all waste into the grading area, and is even easier to use. We now have a much higher standard of housekeeping. The HSE take note of our investment in dust cleaning technology, as it demonstrates our progressive attitude to dealing with air quality, manual handling issues and operative safety. Compared to doing things manually, a powerful centralised vacuum system is a ‘no-brainer’ for a modern safety and environmentally conscious sawmill.” favicon2

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