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We work with many contractors up and down the UK, dealing with different industries and a range of problems. We provide the solutions they need for safe and effective waste management, whether they want to reclaim and reuse, or recover and remove.

Client Testimonials

MSS Group

“This type of innovative and powerful vacuum equipment from DISAB UK certainly provides MSS with a very attractive solution to some of our clients’ needs, and that in turn gives us a real edge over our competitors.”


Harsco Infrastructure

“The BagVac™ is 100% better than the previous ways in which we used to remove waste and spent material. There’s simply no comparison and we’re now quoting and specifying DISAB BagVac’s on our other projects where waste has to be removed, because it’s safer, easier and much more efficient.”


Fabcon Projects

“The CompVac™ was brilliant, and it did the job we wanted it to do really well. We’d checked out all sorts of other suction-based equipment and this was the best machine for the job. I reckoned we saved around 70% of the cost compared to sub-contracting the work out, and that’s a great result for Fabcon and our customer.”


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Whether you require a tailor made solution, want to hire one of our industrial vacuum units or simply wish to discuss your requirements in more detail, call us on 01737 246 649 or use the button below to enquire online.