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Many of our customers that use minerals in their manufacturing and production processes find the dusts they create a major headache. Not only from the quantity that needs removing, but also from the health and safety perspective.

So they use DISAB units for their suction power and large capacity, fully-enclosed collection systems.

Client Testimonials

Fine Grinding

“Removing fine dust manually involves degrees of H&S and respiratory risks from dust exposure, let alone the fact it’s a time-consuming, laborious and unpopular task. But the SkipVac’s suction power meant we could clean up all the dust wherever we could find it – from all sorts of nooks and crannies around and in the screening and grinding machinery – and do so much more quickly and efficiently. These machines are great for the sort of heavy duty cleaning and dust removal that we need to undertake.”


Washington Mills

“We have been using the SkipVac™ for general housekeeping requirements, primarily for the dust and other waste that’s generated by the crushing of the aluminium oxide, usually around the floor area of the crushing plant equipment. Around twice a week we need to empty the internal hopper of the SkipVac™, which is roughly equivalent to between half and one tonne of material that we then need to dispose of off-site. It has considerably improved cleaning operations and effectiveness; it takes fewer men, less time to do a much better job.”


British Salt

“We used the CompVac™ pretty well every day, to clean out salt deposits, blockages and do all the general housekeeping around the plant, like cleaning out all the awkward spaces around and under machinery, conveyors, removing all the salt dust build-up on beams, and so on. The waste varies in dimension from dust a few microns wide to pea-sized flakes, and the suction power of the CompVac™ was simply ideal for sucking everything up and removing it into skips. Over the month we hired it, we must have removed around 15 to 20 tonnes of material!”


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