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Tank Cleaning

Accessing enclosed environments for maintenance and cleaning tasks, such as Isotank containers, for transporting dry bulk powder and granular materials, or fuel storage tanks, can be a tricky business.

So customers facing this difficult challenge have turned to DISAB to help, as our flexible units can pull dust and debris over long distances from within tight and unforgiving spaces.

Client Testimonials

Inbulk Technologies

“Moving the tank cleaning process to a local cleaning depot at Immingham gave us the opportunity to try a different piece of vacuum equipment and we had a recommendation to try out the DISAB BagVac™. Compared to our previous machine, the BagVac™ not only has ample suction power but can be forklifted around the site. Compared with the previous machine which was static, this degree of mobility is far more convenient for the team doing the cleaning. The BagVac™ has worked very well for us.”


Ferrous Protection

“We’d been looking for a proficient company with the kind of vacuum equipment that can remove over time upwards of 40 tonnes of angular abrasive from down inside 20’ deep storage tanks. The BagVac™ has worked extremely well. It’s easy to use, and was just a matter of setting it up at the foot of the mounding, and running the 60ft suction hose via the access point at the top of the fuel tank. The operatives found it much easier to suck up around 40 tonnes of waste abrasive and dust which made the whole procedure faster and more efficient, saving time and money in the process.”


Wood Group

“We used the BagVac™ at Manchester Airport, to recover all the grit we were using to blast the internal surfaces of the aviation gasoline tanks back to clean metal. A tonne of the 6mm grit costs us around £115 a time. We were using as much as 5-6 tonnes an hour, and a job like this can take two months, so we needed to recover and re-use as much as we possibly could, all the time we were shot blasting. The BagVac™ with its 4” hose was the ideal tool to do this job.”


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