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Many manufacturers of concrete products use our units to help eliminate the vast quantities of dust often generated during the production process and to reduce the time taken to remove this material from around, under and within the plant.


Client Testimonials

Anderton Concrete Products

Housekeeping to the highest standards is what we aim to achieve every day. The SkipVac™ helps us to do precisely that, whereas brooms, shovels and barrows probably helped make more dust of an airborne kind than we were actually removing from the surfaces. The volumes handled every day with the SkipVac™ are impressive and amount to approximately a skip-load every couple of days.


Wyresdale Concrete

In terms of time and resource efficiency, now only one man is needed to operate the CompVac™, instead of two with brushes, brooms and buckets, halving our labour costs at a stroke for this task. Then instead of taking two men several hours, it took that one man just over an hour to clean out the eight foot deep pit in question.



“With buckets and shovels, there’s only so much you can do. But the Compvac™ is a very different proposition. It’s got a lot of suction power to shift a lot of dust very easily and quickly, and extension nozzles to help operators get to all the really awkward nooks and crannies in and around all the plant and machinery.”


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