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We have helped a variety of cement producers and processors with cleaning and reclamation applications in areas such as bagging plants, silos, screening and crushing plant, around bucket elevators, packaging plants, conveyors, kilns, mills, filters and so on.

CPI Euromix Case Study

Client Testimonials


“We’ve noticed that certain parts of the bagging plant like the palletiser need more attention when it comes to cleaning and removing dust. Using SkipVacs™ makes these tasks much more easily accomplished. The cleaning is usually done on Sundays, and we’ll fill the SkipVacs’ hoppers 3-4 times with the dust from a week’s production and bagging. This is about 2 tonnes which goes straight back into the production process, there’s no waste at all.”


Hanson Cement

“We wanted a suction system that would help us achieve three objectives: Cleaning up raw material, granulated slag, so that we could re-use it in the GGBS process; Cleaning up
finished product powder, so that we could recycle and re-use it; For general cleaning. We had seen several other machines, but none of them matched the DISAB for its vacuum and suction power.”