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Wood Processing

Airborne wood dust can pose a serious H&S risk as it can be inhaled deep into the lungs, so many manufacturing and processing plants use DISAB units to help remove this hazardous dust from the atmosphere.

They are also able to use our units to recover large quantities of debris from around complex machinery and recycle it back into process.

Client Testimonials


“Using the DISAB industrial vacuum machines does away with all the manual handling issues we used to have, and has improved the standards of housekeeping significantly, besides making the working environment safer for our employees.”


BSW Timber

“The SkipVac™ was much easier and more efficient at removing sawdust and wood chips, compared to the manual way of doing things. We’re now achieving higher standards of housekeeping in and around the sawmill equipment, and that’s made the regular inspections and audits easier to comply with.”


A. W. Jenkinson Forest Products

“Our process generates a lot of dust that gets airborne as well as around the plant itself and we need to remove all that wood dust build up from places that can be virtually inaccessible.
The importance of doing this work is both to ensure a safer working environment and, because the wood dust has a value, we can recycle it all. The CompVac offered a solution to make it much easier, safer and faster to remove the dust completely from any part of the plant, gather it all safely into its hopper, which any of our operatives could safely empty back in to the process again, and which saved us a lot of time. It’s proved itself to be a very good piece of kit, so we’re getting one of our own.”


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